Sunday, June 22, 2008

Casio EX-F1 remote shutter mod

So, the last thing most people do with a brand new $1000 camera is start cramming a screwdriver into stuff and popping it open. Luckily, I was stupid so you dont have to be! In this case, stupidity paid off bigtime. Turns out the remote shutter release isnt some fancy schmancy USB device, its just three wires! Casio even conveniently labeled them for me: GND, Half-Shut, Shutter!

Thanks for the labels!

Just a simple single sided board, nothing hiding on the back.

Now.. to find out where to get some of those funky USB connectors.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

High Speed: Cheese grater 300/600/1200 demo

This is my cheese grater in the sink under running water. Between these shots, the camera remained in the same position. only the FPS setting and the lighting were adjusted. as you can see, the higher the speed, the smaller the frame size.

300 FPS. 10 seconds=1 second of RL

600 FPS. 20 seconds=1 second of RL

1200 FPS. 40 seconds=1 second of RL

Something about the 1200 clips really appeals to me. Its like a tiny window into into a bizarre world you encounter every day, but are not able to appreciate. I cant wait to explore it more!

High Speed: Bic lighter

Notes: 1200FPS in a moderately lit room. First video I took. High speed videos unsurprisingly require a LOT of light. Even fire seems a little dim

Casio EX-F1

For the last several years I have been fascinated with high speed photography. Even rental of equipment capable of higher than 60fps has been cost prohibitive for me. With casio releasing one of the first consumer high speed video cameras, I couldn't resist jumping on the opportunity to experiment more with the format.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Nintendo DS MicroSD card storage solution

For the last few years ive come to know the joys of having a DS flash cart. Imported games, fantastic homebrew, emulators galore. No need to carry a giant stack of games with you, just grab the DS and go! Ive gotten so used to the idea of carrying around all of my games right inside the DS, that when I finally outgrew my 2gb microSD card I realized I had no place to put the second one! Its truly impossible to find a place to store those tiny memory cards. After pondering it for a while I finally came across a solution that was so obvious, I cant believe it wasnt the first thing that came to mind. use microSD card slots!

I ordered up a few of the "click-in click-out" style microSD solder-on surface mount components from for $1.13/each. hot glued them to the inside lid of the DS, and bam! instant 4 gig memory expansion. The slots of course dont work, but they keep the card in place just fine, the lid still closes, and they blend in nicely. I slapped one in each corner, but there seems to be enough room for at least 5 of them in there with the lid still able to close.

Hope someone else finds this as useful as I did!