Friday, January 4, 2008

Nintendo DS MicroSD card storage solution

For the last few years ive come to know the joys of having a DS flash cart. Imported games, fantastic homebrew, emulators galore. No need to carry a giant stack of games with you, just grab the DS and go! Ive gotten so used to the idea of carrying around all of my games right inside the DS, that when I finally outgrew my 2gb microSD card I realized I had no place to put the second one! Its truly impossible to find a place to store those tiny memory cards. After pondering it for a while I finally came across a solution that was so obvious, I cant believe it wasnt the first thing that came to mind. use microSD card slots!

I ordered up a few of the "click-in click-out" style microSD solder-on surface mount components from for $1.13/each. hot glued them to the inside lid of the DS, and bam! instant 4 gig memory expansion. The slots of course dont work, but they keep the card in place just fine, the lid still closes, and they blend in nicely. I slapped one in each corner, but there seems to be enough room for at least 5 of them in there with the lid still able to close.

Hope someone else finds this as useful as I did!

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