Monday, December 3, 2007

560ft of i-cord

Finally! I got through the entire massive bag of yarn i had. The little lego knitting machine held up for the lot of it! I believe this is "sport" weight yarn. its pretty thin. The three balls of yarn weigh:


For a total of ~750g(26oz, 1lb 10oz)

16" of cord weighs 1.8 grams, giving me 560ft of cord. Amazingly, this is roughly 8,300ft of input yarn!

At its peak run, towards the end of minor optimizations, the lego knitter could knit 1 foot of yarn in 1.8 seconds. Thats theoreticly only about 4 hours of runtime, in reality it was closer to 10 hours over the last couple weeks.

now... to see if my idea for knitting this works....


Some test swatches. The gauge for knititng this "yarn" is:


#13 9x15
#15 8.5x14
#19 7x12

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Anonymous said...

That is amazing! I teach programming....our club has been saving up for a set of mindstorms...I can't wait.

Beak @