Saturday, December 22, 2007

Yak hat

This is the first hat i ever knitted. It was made with "Shokay" 100%
Tibetan yak fiber. This all started when someone told me that yak
fiber was one of the softest and warmest fibers you could get, but
you couldn't get it because of the extreme pain in the ass it is to
gather. Yaks cannot be shaven and must be combed to gather fiber.
Apparently a couple of harvard grads noticed the demand for fiber,
yet an abundance of very poor Tibetan yak farmers. So they started
the shokay yarn company and here we go!

This stuff costs $32 for 3.5oz of worsted weight yarn. The hat ended
up using 1.5oz of yarn, so i am quite happy with the overall cost. The
hat is warm, and extremely soft. It seems a little delicate though,
there are lots of "pills" that form on the surface with wear.

The pattern was made from several generic hat patterns i found. cast
on 8, every other row tbl on all end stitches on each of the 4
needles until cap fits head, knit until its long enough.

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